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Copyright Georgina CullenHouse of Orphans was founded by Lucia Cox in March 2010. With a background in performance and writing, House of Orphans was born out of a desire to not only write and create but also to work in collaboration with other talented individuals. Proud of producing award-winning, quality theatre and film. There is no style or genre preferences, just good stories, told well.
Lucia has a BA (Hons) in Acting and a Masters in Creative Writing. She has performed in theatre, film and on TV. She has written short films and for the theatre and for BBC Learning for which she is a regular contributor. She has also taught Acting and Creative Writing workshops at MMU and Manchester College.

Lucia is a director and has worked with Asphalt Roses, the Threepenny Festival and has also directed work for JB Shorts, The House That Stank of Death, re:play festival amongst directing her own work.
Lucia is also a freelance producer alongside running House of Orphans. She has worked with Shred, Eat Theatre, The Unholy Mess and Watershed. Please feel free to contact to discuss your production.
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© Photos by Georgina Cullen 2011
House of Orphans has produced
two short films to date, Bumblebee
and Big Day.
© Photo by Simone Tripode
The debut short film was shot on location in Manchester and Buxton.
It forms part of The Winged Trilogy with the plays, Blackbird and Cuckoo.
Bumblebee tells the story of an unseen narrator who follows a girl through the streets of the city, only to discover that she is following a ghost who is replaying her last day on earth.

Watch it here.
Narrator - Silke Sermon
Girl - Lucia Cox
Shop Assistant - Susi Wrenshaw
Man - Richard Hulse
Written by Lucia Cox, Directed by
Steve Toner
Big Day
©Photo by Lucia Cox
This short was shot on location in Manchester in April 2011 and is currently in post-production ready for festivals in June 2013.
Big Day is a tragi-comic story of mistaken identity, the Royal Wedding and a fatal bump on the head.

Watch it here.
Kate - Naomi Albans
Will - Lawrence Ghorra
Homeless Woman - Alissa Juvan
Angel - Holly Jacobson
Written by Lucia Cox, Directed by Lucia Cox & Petros Gikkas

Babel Fiche by Dave Griffiths
House of Orphans is involved with award-winning artist, Dave Griffith's new film project, Babel Fiche as production and casting associates. Filming in early 2012, the film has an installation at the Castlefield Gallery, Manchester in early summer.
Babel Fiche is a live action/animated essay film by artist Dave Griffiths, in collaboration with two Mancunian writers, who have interpreted a film archive from the viewpoint of far-future citizens. The concept is based around a set of digital video clips that have been archived onto microfiche plates, to live on as a physical artefact for 500 years. These microfilms become an imaginary media, with the possibility that far-flung anthropologists in the city of the future might discover them and decipher our contemporary times.
Director - Dave Griffiths
Cast - Daniel Coll, Alice Brockway

The Key

The Key is a short film in pre-production. Shooting in Summber 2015.
It is the story of a socially excluded and awkward father and daughter. After finding an old key in a junk shop, the daughter begins a fantastical journey to search for her long lost mother only to find that all she needs is right there at home.
Written and Co-Directed by Lucia Cox
Cast: TBC
Copyright Georgina Cullen


One Hand Clapping

One Hand Clapping was part of the Library Theatre's re:play 2014 and toured to Octagon Theatre, Bolton, the Martin Harris Centre, Manchester and will go to the The Cockpit, London in December.

One Hand Clapping
Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
House of Orphans were Associate Producers with The Unholy Mess on Richard Cameron's play Can't Stand Up For Falling Down at Studio Salford.

Set in Yorkshire in the 1960’s, it tells the stories of three young women who unbeknownst to each other are linked by a past event and the circumstances that lead to their paths crossing.
We were pleased to announce that CSUFFD was selected for RePlay in January 2013.
Cast: Lucia Cox, Esther Dix and Edwina Lea
Director: Lucy Allan

Lamp Oil
Lamp Oil was created and directed by Adam Chapter,  co-written by Lucia Cox and associate produced by Working Progress.
A fully immersive Halloween show not for the faint hearted taking place in The Eagle Inn, Salford. 
The Lamp Oil is the pub's nickname but ask any of the punters the reason why and you'll be treated to a pletora of stories. This is ours...
Cast: Matt Aistrup, Dolly-Rose Campbell, James Foster, Jonnie Moran, Gemma Ryan, Mark Sheals, Rob Ward
Director: Adam Chapter

The Interpreter, Home
The Interpreter, Home by Hekate Papadaki was selected for the 24:7 Theatre festival 2012.
The story follows Nalin, a student Interpreter who, by helping to find the catatonic patient, Hevi's voice, also finds her own.  
Cast: Hilly Barber, Alice Brockway, Mete Dursun, Jade Greyul, Laura Lindsay, Steph Reynolds
Director: Lucy Allan
Assistant Director: Adam Chapter
Tinned Up
Lucia worked as associate producer on Shred Production's sell-out show at The Lowry written by Chris Hoyle (Coronation Street).

House of Orphans also wrote, produced and performed the award-winning, one-woman show at the Not Part Of Festival 2011. Directed by Sarah Meadows. It then went on to be selected for The Library Theatre's RePlay Festival 2012, directed by James Foster and was nominated for a Manchester Theatre Award for the Best of The Fringe.
The Shadow of Your Hand

Lucia was producer on Dark & Dirty's award-winning 24:7 play written by Michael Stewart.
Directed by Sue Jenkins, starring Steven Pinder and Rosie Fleeshman.
Watch the trailer here:
The Retreat by Jenni Herzberg

House of Orphans produced the sell-out show The Retreat at Studio Salford after a successful run in Edinburgh the previous year.
The arrival of an unexpected guest shatters Nick and Flora’s romantic weekend by the sea. Pushed to the brink of self-destruction, can they survive the truth that emerges about Nick’s chilling past?
**** Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe 2010
Director - Lucy Allan
Cast - Paul Irwin, Edwina Lea, Gemma North &   Danny Ryder
Full House by Mike Heath

Lucia was associate producer on The Lowry production of the new play by Mike Heath.
John and Cherie have moved from the city high life to a country manor in deepest Shropshire but the dream has gone decidedly sour for Cherie, who wants to sell up and move on.
Full House is a blacker than black comedy about greed, hedge-fund managers and murder from the writer of Plus One…? and The Game of Two Halves.
Director: Sarah Meadows
Cast included - Jeni Howarth Williams, Stephen John Myott, Wayne Allsop
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