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One Hand Clapping
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Can't Stand Up for Falling Down: Trailer
The Bubbler: Trailer
The Interpreter, Home: Trailer
The Shadow of Your Hand: Trailer
The Bubbler
       Manchester Salon
Lamp Oil
**** Manchester Mule
The Interpreter, Home
Can't Stand Up for Falling Down
The Retreat
‘edgy and intriguing…a strong cast and a disturbing story sewn together tightly by the direction.’ Cathy Crabb, Playwright
‘I really enjoyed The Retreat.  It was a really good script and I think [the company] made the most out of the tension that was skillfully written into the text. It was slickly directed, brilliantly performed, funny in parts, dramatic in others, and I got the impression that the audience that I saw it with loved it.
Well done. A great show.’ Mike Heath, Playwright
Full House

Tinned Up
'Congratulations to Chris Hoyle for writing words that the gifted actors, and we - the audience, can get our teeth into.'
'Blackbird herself is even more worrying. Cox’s ambiguous performance gives rise to the possibility that her relationship with Charlie is not compelled but mutual. It is a subtle but very unsettling development. The atmosphere of the play reflects this ambiguity with deep shadows covering parts of the stage and insights being shown with bright bursts of light.'
The Shadow of Your Hand
'The drama moves along at a nice pace with plenty of laughs as the overly cheerful Steve tries to impress his suspicious and troubled guest.
As the play unfolds, the numerous twists and turns force us to ask who is the most desperate or the most vulnerable of this unlikely pairing? Both are fragile, volatile personalities and when the inevitable violence comes the effect is explosive.'
City Life
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