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One Hand Clapping - Tour


One Hand Clapping
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One Hand Clapping - Tour

So, here goes. The first House of Orphans blog.

One Hand Clapping - the novelAfterour mini tour to the Octagon in Bolton and to the Martin Harris Centre which is part of Manchester University, the 'One Hand Clapping' tour bus (there is no tour bus) is off to London.

It's been an eventful year for the show. We said goodbye to Adam Urey who was half-inched to perform in Bantams which had a successful tour of the NW and said a warm, welcome to our new Redvers Glass / Laddie O'Neill, Ethan Holmes.

With less than two weeks rehearsals, Ethan really worked hard and became an integral part of the team which includes Eve Burley (Janet Shirley), Oliver Devoti (Howard Shirley) and the wunder-techs, Owen Rafferty, Meriel Pym and Alex Carvahlo.
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